Saturday, 18 April 2015

Achievements - Post Professional #2015001

Some after reading the title would curse that it is highly Stupid because your logical sense says that when someone is Professional, that itself is an achievement. But yet there are few more stuffs which needs to be rendered and achieved in personal life. Yes, this post is one about such. 
Of years ago, I remember going to a Tamil Language movie "ON TIME" along with my family members and it years back in 1998 while I was in school. After that, to confess I was never such to any of the movies. 95% I use to enter late atleast a minute or more. And the balance 5%, I use to leave the cinema hall before The END of movie. And, steadily only few countable movies since then because of various criteria which I could not avoid from. 
Since last December, I am spending some valuable time besides my professional life with a very least number of my confidante's. And this has literally increased during my ML span from March 2015. Even-then I wanted to be ON TIME for a movie atleast, but missed all the occasions. Firmly decided to be ON TIME for a Tamil movie Oh Kadhal Kanmani which was released Yesterday. I generally avoid First Day shows because I don't want to waste my time in watching few bore-some and negative effect movies. But because of ICICI Bank Debit card offer, I did a small move to the movie. Though there was some fuss in the reservation, the guy along with me made a wise decision of getting the tickets for the next show. And our lucky thing was to get the tickets for the next show. Had some snacks at KFC and entered the hall ON TIME! 
This may be very light for the readers, but it is #MyDay and I wanted to decide and be on time always. This could be a first step on it. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Romantic Bus Ride in TNSTC + 2

I could see your face glittering on reading this post title. Yes, I could surely say it as Romantic Ride on Sunday evening to my mother's hometown without any protocol or stupids behind me. Wanted my car to be picked-up and unfortunately my driver was on leave and more interesting is that I was jobless. It is a very rare occasion to get jobless moments. So decided to pick it up. 
Started from my home at 6.30 PM and reached the bus station point at 6.35 PM. Since the junction is a prominent one, happened to meet most of the VIPs and my school VIPs. With numerous Hi and Hello's was about to board into the bus at 6.55 PM routing to Jipmer. Reached in around 17 minutes. Most of the seats were filled with young couples married and families who were returning after the visit to Beach or Sunday Market which is very famous in Pondicherry. 
This was a the second break and had met almost 12 people including old employees. I really love travelling in the foot board alike my school days / college days from Chennai to Pondicherry and vice-versa. Ignored 2 buses for this reason, but externally resembled as if I was giving priority to the guys who were speaking to me. Got the bus Pondicherry to Chennai Express at 7.35 PM and managed to get-in. Took the tickets and was waiting at the entrance itself. Plugged into my earphones and was waiting for the ticket collector to move off. While crossing KFC, he went to his seat. Sat near the front door stair and peeped out of the door space. To my left I saw a couple (unmarried) in the front seat. 
They were seriously discussing about their future family moves and others. That was literally funny on overhearing it :D :P . I do agree that overhearing is itself a wrong, posting about it into the blog is more seriously bad. But few verses were really funny and made me to laugh. It seems they started from Red Hills area yesterday afternoon 2 and they were returning back. First they started discussing about their religion. One was Hindu and another was Christian it seems. They discussed about their marriage formality and finally said they could run away from the family to avoid confusions. That gal was asking the boy how much he could bring from his family? Was feeling if it was a day robbery. To my surprise the Gal was expecting for a cute girl child like her and the boy was expecting an intelligent boy like him. Aiyo! Nothing was acceptable. Some people were sleeping and some were acting such. Romantic discussions and from the start to end, that guy didn't take the hands off her hands. By the time, they could have rolled the Atta for a marriage itself. 
Now, it was my time to get down. Got down and had few minutes to refresh. Got another bus from Tindivanam to my mother's hometown. There a guy seated next to me started texting. For almost 16 kilometers, he would have texted that gal Priyadarshini by 400+ conversations. "Sollu di" which means SAY SOMETHING was the recursive text from him. I was burning internally  because I wish to call someone with DI, but that guy called her more than 100 times. And, all sorry for overhearing and peeping into the another guy's mobile. Though it was funny, it has its implications. 
Finally, decided not to travel anymore in bus as I am not eligible to travel.