Monday, 25 May 2015

"You have a Baby Boy" - Touching Accident Incident

Happening of accident in India has become too usual and common stuff. To coin in a different version, "It is as usual as charging a mobile phone". But only when it happens in our family or our associate, the pain comes up bulged.
After having a long trip to Thiruchengode, Coimbatore, Salem I was driving my car back to home all alone since the driver was given with some leave. And I love driving the car all alone or with highly confidante of mine. Whenever I have such an option, I never miss it.
And while driving alone or with driver I never stand on the accidents after the 2007 issue of helping an International Person on this affair. But all of a sudden yesterday while returning, crossing Villupuram (a locality in Tamil Nadu, India) late night saw some watery substance in the road and slowed my vehicle. At the dark after turning my car lamps from high to low beam, found two people on the road. As the blood was not clotted in the road, I learnt that the accident could have happened minutes before. Stopped my car and saw those guys who could be ranging from 20 - 30 years. Called to 108 (NAS - National Ambulance Service) and local police station. They said that they will be in few minutes as the Police Station was nearby.
Both the guys head was opened like a suitcase and their brain was on the road. As it was a dry dark area no one was even intending to stop-by to help. Ambulance and Police (only one PC) came at the same time. The distress is that in the ambulance there was only one driver and no doctor. Anyway, while I was getting down from my car itself, I identified it as SPOT DEAD. The PC and ambulance driver managed to carry one body into the Ambulance.
The guy who was sitting at the back had his hands around the abdomen of the person who drove the two wheeler!
The PC got some call on wireless and was unable to answer and he took the call over his mobile. The Ambulance driver requested me to help the other case. I thought like a Cinematic Hero and attempted to help him. He said to me that I will not be able to take food for next two days if I take the head part generally as it was open like something; he requested me to get hold the leg part. I took it too casual and got hold of both the legs. Suddenly the middle part of the human body went down and he shouted "Sir! Sir!". I gave a hand behind a spot under the lumbar. Oh my gosh, a part of his body the HIP and lower abdominal section was in my right hand connected with top and bottom only because of skin even which was bleeding. After few moments, made him into the ambulance and the Ambulance was about to be started. He had only one bucket of water and that was sufficient for me to wash only my hands. 
By that time the PC came back and asked if both the bodies were taken OFF and advised him to go to Mundiyambakkam Government General Hospital. He took the ambulance and we found a mobile phone blinking in the accident spot. I went to take that, it was a Micromax Mobile and there was a call from "Jayanthi Sister" and we disconnected the call. There was a text message in the mobile,
You have a Baby Boy. Come to hospital soon!
Ofcourse he has now went to the hospital where his boy could have been delivered. I went on literally crying on seeing that text message. Even if that boy grows-up the society and community which he lives would define him that he killed his father during his birth and so on. 
I am still unable to eat or even worried if it would digest after seeing this moment. 
Finally, Be Careful always! 

Friday, 15 May 2015

The Art of buying a Beer in Pondicherry/Puducherry

Oh! On reading the title please do never imagine that I will be drinking. I drink the most vulnerable than this which includes Sprite, 7UP, Coke and Pepsi. Yes, why the heck am praising myself? Come on!

As most of you may be aware I am hailing from the locality where hard drinks are famous enough because of taxation system in India. #Pondicherry or #Puducherry has marked its landmark in south India for its quality and cheap hard drinks. Most of my known jerks come down to my locality to booze themselves as well as to suck other’s wallet. And sometime, I use to attend that too for boneless chicken. Could stay with them until 2 rounds; beyond that they will start scolding their manager, girl friends, family and other friends, which I strongly should never endorse by sitting along with them. And all this happened at high star hotels or atleast a 3 star hotel. So it was not infringing me in any way and even this incident didn’t infringe me as most of the people are aware about me.

I had a wish of getting into an Alcoholic Beverage shop and procure some drinks. Generally I have strategic advisors, personal secretaries, private secretaries, and other people who will assist me in this regard. But my stupid and crazy mind wanted to try it in person. So, I was really waiting for one such situation for almost 3 years. I happened to move all the people into different countries and had only 3 guys along with me. Unfortunately this week everyone was on leave quoting one or the other reason and mostly because of the school vacation of their wards.

And too surprize one of my bestie and confidante wanted me to get some light beer to get refreshed and de-stressed from office works for the first time. I wasn’t refusing considering that these guys would be there to get the things and packed. On account of their leave, I was not in the position to decline the commitment which I gave him. If I would have given him across, for sure he would have agreed, but didn’t and suddenly stroke my previous wish of going into such shop.

Went to the ICICI Bank ATM to withdraw some cash as I am not interested in getting them free of cost quoting my position. Withdrew around some INR 600 (~ USD 10). I was really excited about this moment and was really like approaching a completely unknown gal and asking her to get married. This shop was few meters away from ATM in the main road major junction. Walked slowly from ATM and reached near the shop in less than a minute. As soon as they saw me, there was a jerk and positional change in all the employees’ position and clearance of the unsold bottles from the table and others.

Manager came down to me asking few casual questions and other receptions happened widely. Few cops at the junction also landed up for security angle task into the shop along with me. After 5 minutes, he enquired about my visit to the shop as almost the sale was stacked out of the visible region of my eyes. I said I wanted 2 of each hard drinks and gave a pause. The immediate reaction of almost 10+ staff of that shop was giving a surprize and shocking look over my dirty face. And now I resumed saying that it was for my friend who resides out of Pondicherry and then most of them resumed back their work. Manager asked me the brands which he needs to pack. Since my childhood days, I know only KINGFISHER as the hard drink which is being manufactured by UB Distilleries. And my bestie demanded three brands out of which Kingfisher was one. I happily said KINGFISHER and the manager applauded me from knowing the brand name. I was like flying all above the skies for few moments. When he asked me the next one, it was like a hydrogen balloon with deflated air. It was BUDAWEISER (Sorry if the name is wrong). I attempted saying in many terms about it, he wasn’t able to understand. Finally he asked me to show the view of the mobile. I turned the mobile screen on his side. He read it properly (assumed such) and instructed the fellow employees. Again the staff of the shop threw a question to me if it was strong or weak. My mind went to my 12th Chemistry striking the Strong Acid vs Weak Acid.

He asked me the keys of the car and I handed it over to him. Now it was the high time, handed the keys to the person to load it. Suddenly I turned towards the car and saw boxes were being loaded. I stopped them and asked what it was. The manager came out and said he has packed 2 cases in each. I corrected him saying that it was only 2 bottles and not 2 cases. He said no worries as it was complimentary for me. I asked him to totally offload it from the car if it was such. After a short friendly battle he removed the cases and made it as bottles. I paid around Rs. 120 (USD 2) for 2 bottles of Kingfisher, 2 bottles of Budweiser and 2 cans of Turbog green. I don’t whether this is a better deal or the actual price of some sort; but when I ignited the car I really felt like winning the World War III because of intelligence and this feel cannot be extended by anyone.

The final conclusion was I learnt few more complex words for alcoholic beverages and evidenced the world that I am also capable to buying hard drinks.