Saturday, 14 November 2015

55 Things to Do before You Die

The 55 things listed in a A->Z format. 

1.       Add a Lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris
2.       Adopt a rescue pet
3.       Attend a cop-raided party
4.       Bathe in Milk
5.       Break a Guinness World Record
6.       Climb a mountain
7.       Conquer a fear
8.       Disconnect for a week
9.       Donate Blood
10.   Donate your hair for cancer
11.   Drink Beer at Oktoberfest in Germany
12.   Eat something you wouldn’t usually
13.   Feel Great in a Swimsuit
14.   Follow a dream
15.   Get a ‘regrettable make out’ story
16.   Get arrested
17.   Get in a mud fight
18.   Get in an ice snow fight
19.   Get your fortune read
20.   Give a Shelter Pet a Home
21.   Give your lunch to a homeless person
22.   Go on an aimless drive
23.   Go stargazing
24.   Go to a major sporting event
25.   Google yourself
26.   Grow your own food
27.   Host a cocktail party
28.   Host Christmas / Diwali / Ramzan
29.   Karaoke with your Siblings / Best Friends
30.   Learn a foreign language
31.   Learn a new skill
32.   Leave a note for a stranger
33.   Let Go of a Floating Lantern in Thailand
34.   Live in a different country
35.   Make a Call from a London Phone Booth
36.   Make something from scratch
37.   Pilot an aircraft
38.   Practice (Rehearse) Sex with your Friend
39.   Protest something
40.   Research your family tree
41.   Ride in a limo
42.   Skinny dip
43.   Sleep on the beach
44.   Sleep under the stars
45.   Sleepover somewhere haunted
46.   Stay awake for 24 hours
47.   Stop Socializing (Social Media)
48.   Swim in the ocean
49.   Swim under a waterfall
50.   Take a cocktail making course
51.   Take part in a city running event
52.   Visit all seven continents
53.   Volunteer at a soup kitchen
54.   Watch all of the top 100 IMDB Films
55.   Watch all those damn movies everyone keeps talking about